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Why is cheap wine bitter?

After a long day at work, sitting down to a glass of wine and a bit of me-time is absolute bliss. Unless of course, you’ve picked up a $10 special and the first sip makes your lips pucker!

The best wine isn’t necessarily the most expensive wine. We’ve all got our favourite drop that can be picked up for less than $30 but a very cheap bottle of wine often has a bitter after taste or an acidic quality than many of us don’t enjoy.

Why is this?

A wine that tastes quite bitter or “harsh” has a lot to do with its tannins.

You’ve probably heard of tannins before but perhaps you don’t quite know exactly what they are. Tannins are naturally occurring compounds that come from the skin, seeds and stems of a grape. They give wine a dry or acidic taste.

The best wines have had most of the “bad” tannins removed and the “good” tannins (the ones that give wine a layered, astringent taste) left in. It just so happens that many cheaper bottles of wine have too many bad types of tannins left in.

A bitter taste in cheap wine can also come down to poor balance. A well-balanced wine has a subtle equilibrium of acidity, tanning and fruit taste and this can take many years to develop. Chances are if your inexpensive bottle is young, then this balance hasn’t had the chance to develop.

All is not lost though! My WineLover is the specialist product that can remove this lip puckering taste from a bargain bottle of wine. My WineLover neutralises the bad type of tannins red and white wines, turning a not-so-good bottle into the best wine and makes your end-of-a-long-day glass absolutely therapeutic.

As for that young, unbalanced wine, My WineLover can assist with that too. The frequency in the structured water of My WineLover works to enhance the flavours of the fruit while also working to tone down acidity to create a better balance and have a young wine taste just like the best wine that you love.

Skip the bitter taste and enjoy a bottle that has been enhanced by My WineLover.

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