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What are sulphites and why are they in my wine?

When we think of a glass of red wine, a lot of words come to mind – rich, layered, decadent, flavoursome, therapeutic. One that probably doesn’t come to mind (or at least, not as often as the others) is sulphite. In fact, you may not even know what a sulphite is.

Sulphites are present in red wine and this causes concern for some people. Contrary to popular belief though, there’s no evidence to suggest that sulphites cause the dreaded red wine headache and aside from some severe asthmatics, the sulphites in red wine really don’t cause much harm.

For some people, the scent that the sulphites give off is more apparent. If this is the case for you, two things might help you. Firstly, keeping the wine cooler will reduce the amount of sulphur smell given off. Secondly, a wine gadget like My WineLover can reduce the sulphite activity in wine and neutralise it.

If you’re looking to avoid sulphites altogether, check the label of your wine. A good wine will have it stated whether sulphites are present or not.

Additionally, wines with a lower acidity need more sulphites than those with a higher acidity. Likewise, those with a darker colour have less sulphites than those with a lighter colour.

By simply placing your bottle of My WineLover beside your bottle of red, you can help neutralise the sulphites present in the bottle while simultaneously reducing acidity. My WineLove is a wine gadget that can enhance the flavour of the fruit and improve your wine drinking experience.

We can think of a word for that – fantastic!

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