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The best wine list (under $15)

Picking up a bottle of cheap wine on the weekend is a guilty pleasure for many of us. Despite what we may have been conditioned to believe, the best wine isn’t necessarily the most expensive wine and this is absolutely the case when you’ve got My WineLover around.

You see, it might sound too good to be true but by simply placing My WineLover beside a bottle of wine, you can make a cheap wine taste like a very expensive drop. My WineLover tones down the acidity and unleashes the full flavour making an inexpensive bottle taste like the best wine out there.

Here’s a list of our favourite bottles under $15.

Annie’s Lane Harvest Cottage Shiraz ($13 from Vintage Cellars)

 With rich aromas and spicy undertones, you’ll enjoy a hint of black plum and mixed berries which will only be enhanced by My WineLover. This is up there with the best wine available if you like a spicy, full flavoured red.

Stoneleigh Wild Valley Pinot Noir ($13.90 from Dan Murphy’s)

You might usually stay away from a cheap bottle Pinot Noir but with My WineLover, even an inexpensive Pinot becomes a delight. With a rich, textural palate complex with strawberries, raspberries, boysenberries and dark cherry notes, this is the best wine for you if you enjoy a deeply flavoured wine.

Upside Down Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc ($10.99 from Chambers Cellars)

Herbaceous gooseberry, passionfruit and green apple distinguish this clean, crisp white. With My WineLover you’ll find that the passionfruit in this wine will really shine. The best wine under $15 for you if you enjoy a summery, refreshing drop.

Cleanskin No 53 Clare Valley Riesling ($8.99 from Dan Murphy’s)

This is the best wine for you if you’re looking for a high quality, South Australian Riesling at a brilliant price. A nose, complex with lime and lemon you’ll find that My WineLover works to make this bottle a lot softer and balanced with acidity.

Portone Pinot Grigio Rose ($7.99 from Vintage Cellars)

An Italian wine with floral and pear aromas, this is the best wine for you if you enjoy a soft palate weight. It mixes Pinot Grigio and Rosé, with great success and is a beautiful, well-priced wine for a warm evening.

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