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The best way to make your wine taste better!

Any wine connoisseur will tell you that a wine decanter is an essential part of a wine lover’s kitchen cabinet. However, if you don’t know a lot on the subject, using a wine decanter can seem complicated. What kind of wine requires a wine decanter? When do I use a wine decanter? How long should the wine breathe and how long is too long?

My WineLover takes the guesswork out of the process for you. Unlike a wine decanter, My WineLover makes wine storage a breeze and it’s beneficial for every type of wine (even the $10 bargain bottle!)

Here are just a few of the reasons that My WineLover is the best way to make your next bottle of wine taste better.

Enhance the flavour

My WineLover is a revolutionary product that works to reduce the acidic quality of some wines to enhance the full fruit, full-bodied flavour. By simply placing My WineLover beside a bottle of wine you remove the need for the use of a wine decanter. The wine inside the bottle is affected by the frequency and energy of My WineLover, improving the taste and enhancing the flavour.

Preserve unopened wine for longer

There’s nothing worse than keeping a cherished bottle for years in wine storage only to open it and find that it has gone bad. My WineLover will ensure that your vintage bottles stay fresh and drinkable for much longer. Unlike a wine decanter, My WineLover can be kept in your wine storage where it will enhance the life of the wine and improve its flavour simultaneously. Simply place My WineLover in your wine rack and it will work to preserve it, no wine decanter necessary.

My WineLover can actually help wine last up to three times longer, ensuring a vintage that is absolutely beautiful.

Make a cheap bottle taste better

We’ve all gone out and picked up a cheap and cheerful bottle for a night in or when a few friends pop over. My WineLover can turn your $8 special into a much better tasting wine. Simply place My WineLover beside the bottle for up to 5 hour and you’ll find that the wine has taken on a beautiful, soft taste that could have your guests believing you spent quite a bit more!

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