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The best Christmas gifts for a wine lover

Whether it’s a gift that’ll assist with wine storage, a wine gadget to make wine drinking more enjoyable or a novelty gift for your wine loving friend or family member, with Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about Christmas gift shopping. Buying a thoughtful gift based on particular passions is often the best way to go.

Rather than resorting to the old fall back of socks, scented soap or a gift voucher, take our advice for your wine loving friend. Here are our top picks for Christmas wine gadgets that’ll improve the drinking experience.

My WineLover

My WineLover is the one-of-a-kind, almost too good to be true wine gadget is for the enthusiast that really loves their wine. My WineLover is a deep blue glass canister containing programed structured water or H302. By placing it beside an unopened bottle of wine, or even a poured wine glass My WineLover will make your drop taste a whole lot better.

The longer it is left next to the wine, the better and leaving it in your wine rack full time for wine storage is recommended. My WineLover is the truly life changing wine gadget that your gift receiver will love.

A wine subscription

If your friend or relative already has all the wine gadgets out there, why not sign them up for a monthly wine delivery with their favourite winery. Most wineries offer a monthly or quarterly wine subscription. Simply pick their favourite and it’ll be the gift that keeps on giving all year.

If it’s too hard to choose, why not sign up to a local wine dealer subscription like Secret Bottle? Secret Bottle will send three bottles of red and three bottles of white to the recipient each month. The wines are sourced from local regions giving your recipient the enjoyment of trying an assortment of flavours and aromas. The perfect gift for a wine lover and better yet they’ll always have a nice bottle in wine storage for unexpected guests.

A beautiful wine rack

A good wine rack is an absolute must have for a wine lover. Many of us store our wine inefficiently but with a good rack, wine storage is simple and your capacity to store more means an increased capacity for wine indulgence.

Hard to Find have some beautiful wine racks for sale here. Order online and avoid having to battle the chaotic Christmas crowds.

Don’t forget, we have some great Christmas specials on My WineLover! Check them out here: Christmas Specials

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