I love my wine lover, after using it the first time it was obvious the difference it could make. My WineLover gives a much fuller and delicious flavour to any bottle of wine and is super simple to use.
I would recommend it to any wine lover!

Abby Rose

My wine lover purchase has transformed my budget and my love of wine. My wine rack is now filled with $7 bottles not $30 bottles and I can’t tell the difference!
My WineLover has not only made me enjoy my wine but it has left extra $’s in my pocket for other pleasures in life.

Cheryl MacTaggart
Gold Coast

After seeing how My WineLover could improve my wine I invited friends over and brought out 2 bottles of the same unopened wine in paper bags and gave them a taste of the first bottle which had not been near My WineLover. Then the second bottle which had been beside My WineLover since midday. After their ordinary review of the first bottle and then their stirring review of the second I took off the paper bags and the look on their faces was priceless. They could not believe the difference. My WineLover is a winner.

Peter Logan
Coolum Beach