How does it work?

There is water in everything living and everything we eat has some content of water, and water has energy and frequency. My WineLover is filled with structured water which is programmed to enhance the flavours of the fruit. This process is called ‘Programmed Scalar Energy Intent’. The glass bottle is a specific colour to maintain the energy, frequency and intent.

Does My WineLover unit have an expiry date?

Yes, My WineLover will keep the energy and frequency for at least 5 years.

What if it does not work? Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Yes.  If the directions on the bottle are followed and the top is unbroken and it does not work simply return to us for the liquid to be tested.

Does it work with food, fruit or other beverages?

My WineLover will enhance any fruit, food or drink that has some content of fruit.

How should it be stored?

As long as My WineLover is not left in direct sunlight or frozen it may be stored in the fridge or anywhere indoors.

Can it be kept in the fridge next to my wine?

Yes as long as My WineLover contents are not frozen.

Is it safe to leave in my wine rack for long periods?

Yes My WineLover will help prolong the life of unopened wine.