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Different wines for different moods

You’ve heard of pairing wine with food but how about pairing wine with your mood?

If you’re anything like us you might think that “any mood” is a good mood for wine but different wines actually pair best with particular moods – be that happy, excited, tired or sad.

A number of studies have looked at the way wine can affect and alter our mood. Here are some of our favourite pairings for the different way you might be feeling before drinking a glass of wine.

Feeling happy

Let’s be honest, any wine is going to be good when you’re feeling really happy but a light and bright white wine is the best for when you’re feeling gleeful. Something especially aromatic like a Riesling will be your best pick. When we’re feeling happy– bright and fragrant wines are even more appealing. My WineLover can help bring out the full flavour of a fragrant wine too, making it even more enjoyable.

Feeling tired

The skin of red grapes contains melatonin so a red wine isn’t going to help you stay awake if you’re feeling weary. A Sauvignon Blanc is the answer for a tired evening. Light, airy and full of flavour. A sip of a good Sauv will lift you up, even if just for a little while.

Feeling sad

A glass of wine when you’re feeling glum can be therapeutic. A hearty and complex red, like Pinot Noir is a good choice for when you’re feeling less than fantastic. The depth of character of a good Pinot Noir can lift the mood and its natural antioxidants can assist with greater vitality. Increasing the depth of flavour in this wine can be achieved in just half an hour with My WineLover placed beside it in the wine rack.

Feeling excited

A glass of Rose is a great wine for when you’re feeling excitement. With the slight melatonin effect from the red grapes, you’ll feel a little more mellow while the whimsical flavour profile of Rose will also help to keep your spirits high while you reminisce on summer days.

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