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‘Good Wine is Like Poetry in Your Mouth’

From Bernie Duffy the founder of Phperfect:

In my time with our company I have learnt a lot about ‘programmed scalar energy intent’. This has led to our new product ‘My WineLover” The inspiration for this invention came from the fact that when you go out to a restaurant with friends and order a classy bottle of wine, and the waiter opens it in front of you and gives you a sample. Now let’s be honest here – the majority of wines when first opened have a sharp acidic taste and the wine hasn’t been carafed so the flavours are not fully apparent. Time is always needed before fully enjoying any wine. Also at home when you have a glass or two with a meal and leave the rest for another night hoping it does not go off in the meantime, but sadly a lot of left over wine at home goes down the drain.

Over the years I have used carafes, pumps to extract air and other products in an effort to enjoy wine at its tastiest, all became messy and quite frankly too much trouble. I always had it in my mind ‘there must be an easier and better way’.


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Testimonial: Peter sent us a video testimonial, talking about his experience with My WineLover

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